It's been almost three years.

Three years of playing a few shows, working jobs, spending much needed time with family and friends. 

Bill finished his college degree and wrote some songs. Jesse left the band, and Clayton took his place. Alby started his masters in audio engineering and cofounded a publishing company. Caleb started a web comic. Heather and Caleb said goodbye to their twin girls and welcomed a son seven months ago.

Life has changed, but our passion to create has not.

So we say hello again. And ask you to join us on the next phase of our journey together.

We have great things planned.

New music. . .you'll get a new song to download the first of every month from September 2014 to August 2015. Caleb will create a piece of art to go along with each new song you hear.

New web content. . .you'll get a fresh slice of news every month. We'll have new pix, new blogs, and new videos to check out.

New shows. . .we're booking for 2014 - 2015. Bring us to your area, and we promise you a show you won't forget.

If you are new to our music, or saw us ten years ago when you were in middle school, we want you to rediscover us this year.

See you soon.