Even with five albums, fifteen years of touring, a steady stream of die-hard supporters, regular spots with Acquire the Fire, Youth Encounter, Planet Wisdom and Youth Specialties events, plus five critically acclaimed projects (1999’s "It’s a Mystery", 2003’s "Illuminate", 2004’s "Strangely Looking Forward", 2009’s "Redefined", and 2011's "Hollow"), Daniel’s Window admits that it’s the personal encounters with members of their audience that mean the most to each of them.

“We’ve all listened to our favorite bands and had great experiences at live concerts, but I think it means more to everyone involved when there’s a personal connection – when we’ve had a conversation, shared a meal, and spent time with people,” shares guitar player Caleb King. “Those interactions off-stage are more important to me than any particular performance that we’ve done.”

These musicians are pushing boundaries beyond where members ever traveled before and have ended up with their most ambitious effort to date with their fifth album "Hollow."  In doing so, they’re giving fans more to sink their teeth into and opening the doors wider for those who’ve yet to jump on board.

Daniel's Window consists of the husband and wife team of guitarist Caleb King and lead singer Heather King; they're joined by guitarist Alby Odum, bassist Bill Coleman, and drummer Clayton Melocik. Their music is packed tightly with tunes that center around a theme of Christ’s omnipotent presence and how He’s the ultimate source of solace through life’s many uncertainties and insecurities. Each lyric is crafted from a deeply personal perspective that also incorporates a very vertical mindset sure to take one’s thoughts beyond this life’s cares and up towards the eternal.

If there’s any underlying element that can be derived from the band’s time together, it is the members’ fervent commitment to their faith and unwavering stance when it comes to spreading the gospel everywhere they go. Beyond trying to cash in on a craze or keep up on the current fads, Daniel’s Window seeks to excel with originality and an honorable commitment to spirituality.

“It’s always been vital for us to really present who we are as people in our music,” shares front person Heather King. “We’re not afraid to talk about the issues we’re facing, the points we’re at in our walks as believers and the thankfulness we have for the blessings given to us.”

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