1. Made to Be

From the recording Hollow

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Made to Be
Jena Morrow, Jesse Burkhead, Caleb King, Heather King, Alby Odum

Check my reflection
In anything shiny
Check the hair, the face, the clothes
I search for perfection
But I’m not finding
Anything even close

No matter what I do to change the outside
It doesn’t matter, You don’t care
You’re looking at my heart

‘Cuz You
You don’t see what I see
You see the very essence of me
You don’t see what I see
You tell me when I listen
You made me, You named me, You call me Your masterpiece
You see the me that I’m made to be

Try some new makeup
Buy new jeans
‘Cause something’s gotta change
Maybe a haircut
Or grow the bangs
But I still find it strange