1. Kick It

From the recording Strangely Looking Forward

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Bill Coleman, Dave Vogrinc

Hey, hey, hey
Everybody's watchin&rsquo; you<br />
Runnin&rsquo; that race you&rsquo;re in<br />
If you fall down<br />
I&rsquo;ll be there to carry you<br />
What does it take to win<br />
<br />
Two times four, tell some more, it&rsquo;s exponential<br />
Why try to hide it like the whole thing&rsquo;s confidential<br />
You got potential, kid, but what I meant though is<br />
Don&rsquo;t look back, keep track of where the goal is<br />
Like Paul Revere, without fear<br />
Kick it over here and kick it over there<br />
Maybe trade that horse in for a bicycle<br />
Gallopin&rsquo; through traffic these days is not advisable<br />
You know the task at hand is sizeable<br />
Some have passed out cold, but still revivable<br />
So get up now, gitty-up now, get on up<br />
<br />
Get on up, get up outta your seat<br />
Hey, kick it over here<br />
Crazy loud like a football crowd<br />
Hey, kick it over here<br />
<br />
Blood-skinned knees, kid, you tripped and bit the concrete<br />
The hook you took hip-rocked you like a fat beat<br />
Obstacles they only get in your path<br />
With your eyes off the goal when you&rsquo;re focused on the past<br />
Get yourself together, it&rsquo;s just the second round<br />
Don&rsquo;t get down on yourself for sucking dirt off the ground<br />
You&rsquo;re bound to get caught, hip-shot, takin&rsquo; the bow<br />
Feel the poundin&rsquo; in your head like vinyl spinnin&rsquo; around<br />
Whatcha gonna do, give up or give in<br />
Getcha self up and take it for the win<br />
Kid, you know I&rsquo;m always gonna get your back<br />
So get yourself up, just like that<br />
<br />
Get your hands up, in the air<br />
Get your tails up, outta your chair<br />
Get your feet up, off the ground<br />
Everybody get up and get down<br />
<br />