From the recording Strangely Looking Forward

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Jesse Burkhead, Bill Coleman, Alby Odum, Dave Vogrinc

I strapped a sack upon my back
In search of where the greener grass is at
A destination, a new location, an exploration
On my own I could be a lone ranger
Oblivious to the danger
A fascination, a deviation, a dream vacation

I'm comin' back now and it's been such a long time
Such a long time, I ran away like a fool
It's good to be back now, been gone such a long time
Such a long time, I wanna stay here with You

Down and out when my journey went awry
Doing everything I could to scrape by
A complication, my desperation, a realization
I know You care, You were there, I picked up the phone
Your love was calling me home
An invitation, my salvation, a celebration

I don't know why I went away now
But I believe I'm here to stay now
And I can only say that You have shown the way
And I'll be home one day
So put me on the track, I'll take the train back

Wiggity, wiggity, whack
The prodigal son went whack
After packin' up his bags and his pockets full of cash
He said, "Yo, Pops, I need the inheritance just multiply by half,"
And so he gathered up his things, and then he set across the land
Well he screwed up, and used up, and boozed up
Made a fool of himself, and now he's beggin' for some help
He's beggin' please, on his knees
Scrapin' the stalls, eatin' the feed
Well the 411 on the son says the son's comin'
He's comin' back

Well I can testify, with the tears in his eyes
The father welcomed back his son with his arms open wide
Put a ring on his finger and a robe on his back
He strapped some sandals to his feet and killed the fatted calf
He said, "We're gonna celebrate with this big, ol' feast
Check it, verse 23, ya know, Luke 15
So call that phunkee DJ with the microphone
We're gonna party all night 'cause my son's come home