1. Everyday

From the recording I'm With the Band

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Joel Houston<br />
<br />
Everyday it&rsquo;s You I&rsquo;ll live for<br />
Everyday I&rsquo;ll follow after You<br />
Everyday I&rsquo;ll walk with You, my Lord<br />
<br />
What to say, Lord<br />
It&rsquo;s You who gave me life<br />
And I can&rsquo;t explain just how<br />
Much You mean to me now<br />
That You have saved me, Lord<br />
I give all that I am to You<br />
That everyday I can<br />
Be a light that shines Your name<br />
<br />
Everyday, Lord, I&rsquo;ll <br />
Learn to stand upon Your word<br />
And I pray that I<br />
That I might come to know You more<br />
That You would guide me in<br />
Every single step I take that<br />
Every day I can<br />
Be a light unto the world<br />
<br />