1. Say the Word

From the recording It's a Mystery

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<span style="font-size: smaller; ">Heather King, Gerry S. Poland</span><br />
<br />
Sometimes I feel like the joy has left my soul<br />
The echoes of my doubts remain<br />
Lord, I can't believe that there is something left in me love<br />
That there is hope beyond today<br />
<br />
Then deep within me I hear a gentle voice<br />
A tiny whisper in my heart<br />
Lord, I can't believe that You would speak now when I've been gone so long<br />
I need Your strength to carry on<br />
<br />
Say the word again<br />
Tell me once how to trust in You<br />
Say the word again<br />
Tell me twice how to live for You<br />
And let me hear Your voice <br />
Telling me to follow You<br />
Say the word again, Lord<br />
Nothing else will do<br />
<br />
I know You love me for the person who I am<br />
And not for someone who I try to be<br />
Lord, I now believe that You can use me in spite of all I've done<br />
Your healing word has cleansed and set me free<br />
<br />
Your voice is loud and clear<br />
It tells me You are near<br />
You're a lamp to shine the way<br />
I need You everyday<br />
<br />
Say the word again<br />
I have learned to depend on You<br />
Say the word again<br />
Now I know I can trust in You<br />
My life is in Your hands<br />
And I know I'm safe with You<br />
I just need to say these words<br />
I believe in You